Modellbahn Köln
37th International exhibition for model railways and accessories
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Gauge N: Model railway layouts on show:

Gauge N: Interactive narrow and standard gauges

The module layout consists in total of over 140 modules in scale 1:160. The single and double tracks are over 120 metres long. The layout boasts 4 stations with trains in prototypical length. The layout includes a bridge with mixed-gauge 3-line track. The narrow gauge railway crosses here, travelling partly over replicas of the Rhaetian Railway, and on shunting sidings gravel is unloaded from narrow gauge (Nm) onto standard gauge wagons. A camera car can deliver live transmission of the train's progress onto a screen.

Operator: Die 160er Modellbahn in Spur N, Wolfgang Kahofer, 3003 Gablitz, Austria

Size of layout: 16 x 7 metres

Gauge N: Ruhr valley in N

The "Ruhr valley" layout with its massive railway complex and more than 10 trains is completely digital and controlled via PC. The screen shows the track layout with block system and how the switches are set. Trains run out of the ten-track main station and along the 12 metre long main line according to an alternating timetable. Along the railway line a variety of functional models are in motion, for example a road sweeping vehicle is cleaning the streets, a boat slowly circles on a nearby lake, on the motorway a layer of tarmac is being removed, and much more.  

Operator: MAK Modellbahnfreunde -Arge Kaarst, Horst Wolf, 41561 Kaarst, Germany

Size of layout: 12 x 1 metres

Gauge N: Mountains and bridges

This layout is characterised by the fact that there are no roads, cars, houses and people to see. Spectators can concentrate fully on the mountain landscape and the trains in operation. A highlight of the layout is a helicopter in scale 1:160 (N) which starts and lands. Designed by the club this is a unique feature, which can be seen on no other model layout in Germany. The layout has lighting and is operated digitally. A small campfire is extinguished with real water by a ranger. A glider circles over the valley. The bridge is a replica of the Langwieser viaduct.

Operator: MAK Modellbahnfreunde -Arge Kaarst, Horst Wolf, 41561 Kaarst, Germany

Size of layout: 2 x 1 metres